Stories of Success

Deciding to place a child with adoptive parents is difficult, but courageous and selfless. You are not only giving a couple the gift of a family, you are giving your child a gift as well.

Diana, Birth Mother
During my pregnancy in 2005 I learned of Little Flower Adoptions through another lady. Making the decision to go through Dave and Kris was the best decision I’ve ever made. I was not in the position in life to raise a child even though I love him very much! During the adoption procedure, Kris was always very kind and understanding. She was a friend. I was never homeless, clothesless or hungry. Since then I haven’t missed anything in my son’s life (he is now 15 months old) thanks to the pictures and letters we agreed to through the open adoption. It’s wonderful to receive them every 3 months. Little Flower Adoptions truly cares about the women and children who trust them with their lives. They have true love and compassion. I recommend them to any birth mother who’s considering the choice of adoption.

Dillon, a Birth Father
Hello. My name is Dillon and I'm writing today in regards to the most important decision I have ever made in the 25 years I've been alive. I have 3 biological children, all girls. My first is going to be 5 1/2 and the second will be 3 years old in January. My youngest, one year now, has been given the best chance possible at life. The decision I made to place her for adoption was thought out beyond the max...and, yes, I'm young and can provide for my family. We love our life and our kids but being so close together I guess you could say it's like having triplets. I searched many agencies before I read about Little Flower Adoptions and Mr. David Cole. In our four other experiences with adoption agencies the profiles of families weren't right...they were either too old, too this or that. We wanted our daughter to be #1 in the house with no distractions what so ever. When we looked at adoptive parent profiles, we looked at their homes, dogs, summer vacations...all of which were important to me during my life. All of these things checked out the first time I received some profiles from Little Flower. To be honest, they were my daughter's "Knight in Shining Armor." My wife and I get pictures, letters and many other wishes, within reason. The adoptive parents for my daughter have made the hardest decision as easy and comfortable as possible. Much Love and Respect, Dillon 2007

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