Becoming an Egg Donor

The decision to donate your eggs to one of our couples is a complicated decision with many factors to consider. The egg donation process requires your time, promptness, and dedication from the moment you complete your application until you complete the egg retrieval procedure

Screening Process

As an egg donor through Little Flower Assisted Reproduction Services, you must be willing to undergo an extensive screening process which includes an initial phone consultation with a Little Flower Assisted Reproduction Services case manager, a criminal background check, the completion of an in-depth application (including a full health and genetic questionnaire), and a psychological evaluation assessing your suitability to participate in the program. This screening process is both time-consuming and highly personal. However, once you fulfill our requests, you’ll see why it’s a necessary part of the process.

Donor Requirements

Can you answer yes to all of the following?

  • I am between the ages of 21-30.
  • I do not smoke or use illegal drugs.
  • I am in good health and within an average range of height and weight.
  • I am responsible and committed.
  • I have a high school diploma.
  • I have full health and genetic information on my parents and myself.

If you meet the requirements and wish to become a doner, please contact us or download an application here. Requires Adobe Acrobat.

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