Becoming Parents through Surrogacy

Thank you for considering Little Flower Assisted Reproduction Services. Intended Parents commonly achieve parenthood through use of a gestational mother after in vitro fertilization of donor egg or intended mother’s eggs by the semen of the intended father of donor, creating embryos. The resulting embryos are implanted in the uterus of the gestational mother and carried to delivery.

Deciding to use a gestational mother is difficult and emotional. Little Flower Assisted Reproduction Services understands this, so we offer an on-staff counselor to provide you with any support you need throughout the process. We also provide you with a caseworker to help you in the matching process, coordinate a match meeting, assist in scheduling the gestational mother’s appointments and travel, and provide you with updates throughout the process.

All gestational mothers and their husbands, if married, must complete an extensive screening process which includes an initial phone consultation with a Little Flower Assisted Reproduction Services caseworker, a criminal background check, a detailed application including health and genetic information, a psychological evaluation assessing the gestational mother and her husband’s suitability to participate in our program, and a home visit conducted by a Little Flower Assisted Reproduction Services caseworker.

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