Intended Parents Process

  • Please call Little Flower Assisted Reproduction Services at 214-206-3571 for your initial phone consultation or complete the information request.
  • If you choose Little Flower Assisted Reproduction Services to assist you with your gestational carrier match, we will email or mail you an application. Please complete and submit the application with an application fee of $100.00. Little Flower Assisted Reproduction Services requires Intended Parents to execute an Agreement with the program and pay half of the program fee ($5,000.00) prior to viewing any gestational carrier profiles. We encourage you to meet with an Little Flower Assisted Reproduction Services caseworker; however, it is not required.
  • Upon receiving the executed Agreement between the intended parents and Little Flower Assisted Reproduction Services, we will present you with gestational carrier profiles that meet your requirements as specified in your application. All available gestational carriers will be presented until you have been matched.
  • When Little Flower Assisted Reproduction Services receives a verbal confirmation of a match with gestational carrier, we will set up a match meeting with the intended parents, the gestational carrier, her husband, if she is married, and Little Flower Assisted Reproduction Services caseworker. We will cover many of the issues that will be included in your Gestational Agreement, such as fees, abortion and selective reduction issues, reimbursable expenses, medical and life insurance, etc. We must receive a verbal confirmation from both parties indicating a willingness to proceed forward before initiating a written Gestational Agreement.
  • Little Flower Assisted Reproduction Services will prepare a Gestational Agreement which comports with the discussions and desires of the parties. The Gestational Agreement will be submitted to both parties for review. The gestational carrier has the option to hire separate legal counsel to review her Agreement. Upon execution of the Agreement, your gestational carrier and her husband will begin the medical portion of their screening process.
  • The caseworker will assist in scheduling all necessary appointments for your gestational carrier, and will contact you weekly from the moment you are matched until after your delivery of the child(ren).
  • Your gestational carrier’s initial medical evaluation is conducted by your physician. The medical screening process consists of an initial interview with the physician, certain laboratory tests, a physical exam, and an injection course.
  • Achieving pregnancy for your gestational carrier is accomplished by administering a series of fertility medications designed to synchronize the gestational carrier’s menstrual cycle with that of the intended mother or egg donor, and to assist in thickening the uterus for implantation of the embryos.
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