Becoming an Egg Donor Recipient

Dear Prospective Recipient Parents,
Since its introduction in the late 1980s, egg donation has become a common practice in many Assisted Reproductive Tecdonhnology (ART) facilities. The decision to conceive using egg donation is not easy. Little Flower Assisted Reproduction Services understands how difficult and emotional this time can be. We offer an on-staff counselor that will provide you with any emotional support you might need throughout the process.
We also provide you with a caseworker to assist you in selecting a donor and coordinating donor appointments and travel. Your caseworker will supply you with updates throughout the process. All egg donors must undergo an extensive screening process. This starts with a phone consultation with a Little Flower Assisted Reproduction Services case manager. That person will provide you with a completed and de-identified application, criminal background check, full health and genetic questionnaire, and psychological evaluation assessing the donor's suitability to participate in the Little Flower Assisted Reproduction Services program.
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