Donor Recipient Process

To begin the donor recipient process, please complete and submit the application with an application fee of $100.00. We require recipient parents to execute an agreement with Little Flower Assisted Reproduction Services and pay the program fee of $2,800.00 before viewing any egg donor profiles.
You will be presented with de-identified egg donor profiles that meet your requirements as specified in your application. We will present you with all available donor profiles until you have a match.
Once matched with an egg donor, your caseworker will begin to coordinate the first of many appointments. Your egg donor will meet with a licensed mental health professional to assess her mental and physical suitability to participate in the egg donation process. The psychological assessment is a requirement for any egg donor choosing to donate through Little Flower Assisted Reproduction Services.
If, upon receiving the psychological assessment, your donor appears to be a suitable candidate for the egg donation process, we will proceed to schedule a medical evaluation with your physician. The medical evaluation consists of an initial interview with the physician, certain laboratory tests, a physical exam and an injection course.
The Little Flower Assisted Reproductive Services caseworker will contact you weekly from the moment you are matched until after your transfer.
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