Birth Mother Seeking Families

Adopt Legal initially began by operating in a one-office sublease premises, and has grown and developed into a multi-faceted organization that is able to provide an extensive array of legal and social work services. This includes an especially caring and comprehensive service for birth mothers seeking families with whom to place their babies. Since the onset of the establishment of the Adopt Legal organization, thousands of babies have been placed in longing and loving homes in Texas and across the country.

Thousands of homes are anxiously awaiting news that they have been chosen to give an adoring, caring, and stable home to a longed-for baby, and birthmothers seeking families need not worry that there are not enough homes and families to take and cherish their babies. The members of Adopt Legal are dedicated to the work they do and are prepared to provide their services for lesser fees than other organizations in the same field. Adopt Legal is fully aware that birth mothers seeking families for their babies are in a bewildered state-of-mind, and that the process of giving up a baby they have carried for nine months is a highly emotionally charged decision. Adopt Legal will provide the essential counseling to birth mothers and the recipients of the new baby, and will maintain this service for as long as necessary.

Whether a client is seeking to give a home to a child or a birth mother is seeking a family with whom to place her baby, all will be confronted with all the bemusing legal, financial, and ethical decisions. This process is a most personally anxious and bewildering time. Adopt Legal is committed to the easing of the process and will make the placing of the baby as successful as possible. Clients will be made aware of what procedures will have to be followed every step of the way, and will be guided through the seemingly unfathomable legal work. Birth mothers seeking families for their babies will be provided with high quality legal and social work services throughout the entire process. Each member of the dedicated team at Adopt Legal is a specialist in their chosen area and will assist in the allaying of fears and worries by answering every question birth mothers or prospective adoptive parents wish to pose.

Free services are provided for the birth mothers seeking families for their babies. Sometimes, parents and birth mothers will have already been introduced and made their decisions, and Adopt Legal can take over to handle all the ethically legal and financial processes to ensure a smooth, uneventful adoption placing. It is a situation that is fraught with guilt and worry when a birth mother comes to the point when she knows she must seek a family with whom to place her expected baby. Young women who still need to make their way in life have no other solution but to give up their babies, knowing that, at this time, they are going to be unable to provide stable and consistent homes for their little ones. Adopt Legal will assure them that the babies have been matched to parents who have been waiting for far longer than nine months to introduce a baby into a loving and welcoming home.

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