Agency Adoptions

Agencies licensed by the State to place children for adoption may recruit or advertise for birth mothers who desire to place their unborn child for adoption. A birth mother who contacts an agency may choose to enter into a non-binding contract to place her child for adoption through the licensed agency. During the pregnancy, and six weeks thereafter, the agency can provide services and assistance to the birth mother as set forth in standards promulgated by the State. This generally includes any medical and legal expenses incurred by the birth mother, counseling, and financial assistance including housing, food, hygiene products, and transportation.
During pregnancy, the birth mother is presented with resumes and/or photo albums prepared by prospective adoptive parents. The birth mother then selects a family and usually meets with the family on one or more occasions prior to her delivery. 48 hours following her delivery of the child, a birth mother may choose to execute an irrevocable affidavit relinquishing her parental rights. Following the Court’s adjudication of the parental rights of the birth mother and the birth father, the child is legally free for adoption. 
The Law Office of David C. Cole, P.C. represents several licensed agencies across North Texas, as well as owns and operates Little Flower Adoptions, a Texas licensed child-placing agency.  If you are adopting through another licensed child-placing agency, we can assist you with the finalization of your adoption.  If you are considering an agency placement, please review the Little Flower Adoptions information on this site. 
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