Adoptions Through Child Protective Services

The Texas Family Code authorizes the Texas Department of Family Protective Services (TDFPS) to remove children from parental custody based upon allegations of abuse and/or neglect. A myriad of court proceedings follow where TDFPS must prove the allegations made against the parents.
If the Court makes the requisite findings, these children remain in a foster home licensed by TDFPS while rehabilitative services are provided to the parents. If the Court finds that the birth family, or a suitable relative, can provide a safe environment for the child, the child can be returned to the birth parent or be placed with an appropriate relative.
However, if the birth parents have not made sufficient progress toward reunification, and no suitable relative comes forward, the Court will set the matter for final trial. If, following trial, a judge or jury terminates the parent-child relationship between the child and each birth parent, the child becomes eligible for adoption.
The majority of these children are adopted by their foster parents or another family licensed by TDFPS.  We can help you with this adoption.  These are low cost adoptions where financial subsidies are often available.  Please contact us for assistance.
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